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Oh My Sexy Dirty Aly

Dirty Aly is cute and all that, but sometimes I think she's got a bit more than a naughty side to her. Sometimes I think she's just a tramp. It's in the way she poses, what she wears, and the fact that her perky teen boobs are always straining every last inch of whatever fabric is trying to conceal them from us...

Look at the way Dirty Aly is kneeling here... It's bad enough (and super hot) that she's kneeling, but she also has her legs spread apart just enough so it screams "teen tart" - meaning Dirty Aly is a little slut!

dirty aly polka-dot panites1

If that's not hot enough or naughty enough, this next picture is going to knock your socks off... Now Dirty Aly is on her hand and knees, legs spread, and it looks like her panties are off of her tight teen ass and she's about to take them off! Oh what a sight it must be to be standing behind Dirty Aly right now with her exposed ass hanging out!

I'd hit Dirty Aly from behind - Or any other way I could!

dirty aly polka-dot panites2

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Hot Sexy Teen Cheerleader

Angel Woods seems to have had been a cheerleader. Hmmm. What are the odds? Sometimes I think all of the Lightspeed Girls were cheerleaders when they were younger.

She sure does pull off the cheerleader look nicely - got to love the long hair Angel Woods has, in a ponytail too! That's perfect for a cheerleader!


Angel Woods has her panties down around her knees and she's lifting up her cheerleading skirt! Perfect!

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Taylor Little Bikini Shot

Being as I'm on a bikini run these days, I might as well put yet another bikini picture. When it comes to hot teens in bikinis, it's all about the boobs. The bigger the boobs, the better the bikini. And when it comes to teens with big boobs, well, few compare to Taylor Little!

She's not little any more now is she?


Big breasted teens like Taylor Little are always smoking fucking hot!

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Special Bikini Treat

The best of things always come in pairs - you know, like breasts. Why settle for one hot babe in a bikini when you can have two hot bikini babes?

This is Dirty Aly and Ronni Tuscadero in their sexy little bikinis, all set to go swimming in the pool!

dirty aly ronni sexy-bikini teens 2

But with the way Dirty Aly and Ronni Tuscadero are looking at each other, it's entirely possible they might never make it into pool!

dirty aly ronni sexy-bikini teens 1

In fact, now that I think about it... We've seen pictures of Dirty Aly and Ronni Tuscadero in this set making out! Teen lesbians making out!

Super sexy!


Huge Teen Boobies

Who knew Tawnee Stone had such a huge rack like this? I used work with her on a regular basis and I never really noticed this teen chick had such huge boobs! (It's not polite to stare at a naked chick when she's modeling!

Combined with her tight little body, no wonder why Tawnee Stone is so fucking hot!

tawnee stone site myspacecom 10

Tawnee Stone is one smoking hot teen chick!

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Teen Chick With Attitude

A cute little teen who always does what she says is always fun - you can just have your way with them and they will never ever say no to you! And that's always fun... But sometimes we like a teen chick with a little bit more passion - a teen chick who still wants it but isn't afraid to fight you a little to make it interesting...

It looks like Little Cookie is just such a teen like that! She's got super small boobies - we like small boobies don't we? - But she's got plenty of teen chick attitude that makes you think she's in control and that you might not be getting any!

little cookie tight teen small boobs flipping us the bird

But secretly Little Cookie wants it as bad as you do!

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Sexy Teen Bikini

So here's something neat. Being as I've worked with some of these girls before, from time to time I would shoot the girls myself - mostly because I was bored, and also because I was into photography for fun. Usually bikinis. Oh, I love me a hot babe in a bikini!

So this is a picture I took of Raimi Miller...


That's why is has my logo on it and not from her site!

But she's still hot!

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Dirty Aly Yellow Bikini

Now this is hot. Dirty Aly is hot any day of the week; How could she not be? She's a young teen, super tight, with perky little boobs... And always willing to try anything - at least once!

Getting Dirty Aly into a bikini was as easy as asking her...

dirty aly yellow bikini hot


That's what I always loved about Dirty Aly - She was always so willing!

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Super Sexy Teen Brunette

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I took these pictures in my first apartment in Phoenix - long before my furniture arrived. Kind of different.

Imagine having your boss hand you a digital camera and a model like Sweet Devon and say "have fun". Yeah, right - you think? So this is the end result of one of my very first shoots ever.

sweet devon short gray dress9

And of course Sweet Devon looks oh so damn fucking sexy!

sweet devon short gray dress10

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